Impactful Web And Print Design Tactics

We take great pride in creating visually impactful pieces that excite customers and align with your marketing messages. Our approach is a three-phased process: 1. Understand the key function of the deliverable and its call to action. 2. Deliver two to three (sometimes more) strong design options to the stakeholders for consideration, and 3. Execute a final product that is effective, appealing, and easy for you to deploy.

Creative integrated campaigns

Using a range of different media outlets to court your customers, we foster visual cohesion between your social media outlets, video content, website, and more. With our backgrounds in print media and magazine publishing, we also understand the value of a strategically mailed printed piece or a direct handout.

Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Websites

Building a compelling, modern website requires a high level of skill and content planning. From the first interview through to launch, we will collaborate with your team towards a distinctive, brand-cohesive website that functions responsively across all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Logo Design + Corporate Identity

Your logo is the embodiment of your brand. We will work with you to identify and unpack your key differentiators and personality traits. The goal will be a singular visual form. This process may also include our “Mood Boards,” which have become widely popular among our clients. Mood Boards are easy-to-digest road maps of a proposed visual territory. They present potential color palettes, fonts, textures, photography styles, and type treatments within a single setting.

Powerful infographics

NORDEN41 excels at distilling complicated statistical details down to an eye-catching and compelling composition. We use illustrations, iconography and creative typography to tell a colorful story that can be understood at a glance.

Clever copywriting

We’re not just about visuals. We can also whip up clever and concise marketing copy. Whether you’re looking for content for your new website, witty text for a campaign or just an irresistible subject line for your email, we can find the right words.

Animated Explainer Videos

Animated video offers a powerful way to explain an industry trend, dispel a marketplace myth, communicate your brand story, or look under the hood of a complex service offering. NORDEN41 is adept at transforming complicated concepts into fun and informative stories. First we’ll understand your message, and then we’ll enter the conceptual stage. The chosen concept will serve as the creative vehicle driving us to write your script, invent your character (if there is one), color each scene, and bring the story to life through animation.

High-end Powerpoint presentations

Creating a Powerpoint presentation may seem second-nature to most confident business people. But it requires rare skills to patiently tweak each and every slide with a harmonious visual whole in mind. We truly love making our clients look good in front of their audience. NORDEN41 creates Powerpoint files that are brand-cohesive works of art.